What are Sand Bars and What Forms Them?

by | Jul 31, 2022 | Florida

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If you’re in Florida you’ve definitely seen or heard of sandbars. Located in our lovely Florida ocean water, they can be noticed by a distinct discoloration. They may even be partly exposed, where you can see the sand located in the middle of the water. But how are they formed, and why are they so common in South Florida?


How are SandBars Formed?

These strips of land in the water are formed by deposition of sediment and sand via drifts in the water or at the mouth of the river. Usually formed when there is a gap in the coastland with water in it. Whether it be a bay or a natural gap near the coastland, the drift in the ocean occurs and this carries sand and material to collect on the sandbar. 

This deposit usually grows and can start to rise near and above water level. 


Benefits & Purpose of Sand Bars

Sandbars are important in keeping beaches stable by reducing the energy that waves and drifts can have on them. This can prevent severe erosion, and provides great support during rough weather or storms. Sandbars located near buildings also decrease the level of water in an area decreasing the chances of large waves and damage done to structures. 

Another great thing about sandbars is that they provide a location for people to simply hang out. It’s very easy to anchor onto the sandbar whether it’s a boat or small personal watercraft (like a jet ski). With an anchor in place you can walk around, relax, or just sit in the water. With usually enough space for multiple boats and people, you can mingle and enjoy a fun time on the water.


Whatever your water vehicle of choice may be, you will definitely enjoy a sandbar not only for its beauty but the vibes and good times that may follow. If you are interested in seeing one up close, you can rent our quality equipment and take it out on the water and see it yourself. 

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