How Jet Skis Affect the Environment

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Florida, PWC

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These small comfortable machines are great for enjoying the ocean and waterways. But like everything that consumes fuel there is a concern for its impact on the ocean and environment. Let’s go over some of the biggest factors on how jet skis affect the environment.


Inefficient Engines


Some older jet skis operate with engines that cause immediate damage to the water. Until recently most personal watercraft ran on two stroke engines that run on a mixture of gas and oil. Burning oil is horrible for the environment, and that being said it does not burn well. They are inefficient and actually end up dumping up to 30% of their fuel into the water not burned.

The jet skis we use are newer versions that operate with only gas, and use oil as a cooling and lubrication source, not for fuel. They also incorporate closed loop cooling, which means that ocean water never enters the jet ski; this prevents erosion but also protects the water from the contaminants of the jet ski. We make sure to keep our beautiful Florida oceans clean of any residue.


Damaging and Scaring Wildlife


These powerful machines are loud and project a lot of forced water. In the open ocean this doesn’t disturb wildlife due to the vastness of the water. When you take these portable machines closer to shore or in shallow water, they create a real disturbance to the local wildlife. 

The best thing to do to mitigate this is to keep the personal watercraft away from zones that house flora and fauna. Sticking to the intercoastal and open ocean is a safe way to avoid wildlife and protect them from the noise pollution and avoid disturbing them. 


Contaminants and Supplies


Taking care of any machine requires harsh chemicals and cleaning supplies. When using them there can be residue and runoff that can seep into the ground and eventually go back to the environment. This is harmful in the long run and something you want to avoid. 

Make sure to follow proper cleaning routines and avoid letting runoff occur. A benefit of renting from Shark Watersports is our procedure and unique supplies we use to maintain the jet skis that also protect the environment. 


We hope you learned something from this blog. The biggest take away is being conscious of the impact these machines have on the local environment. Mitigating this impact has many benefits to the local wildlife, and can keep our beautiful Florida beautiful and healthy.

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