Why are Jet Skis so Expensive?

by | Jun 21, 2022 | PWC

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A jet ski is a great toy to have and use, especially in sunny South Florida where there are great beach days all year round. Getting one may not be as easy as it seems though. A new jet ski can cost anywhere from $5,000 USD to $20,000 USD plus. All depending on the quality and features you would like. The average jet ski costing around $12,500 USD

This price range already has a high low point, it may be time to start saving up. The question is why are these types of Personal Watercrafts so expensive?


Demand and Ease of Use

When things are in high demand they tend to warrant a more expensive price point. Jet Skis have become a really popular boat replacement. They are easier to store, use, and cheaper overall than a full boat. Providing a lot of the same benefits as a full boat, Jet Skis are very popular where supply is stretched. 

When it’s the season, it can be very difficult to find a jet ski to even purchase. With limited inventory, high demand, it can be difficult to buy one, let alone afford it.


State of the Art Features

A simple engine and propulsion system may seem like simple parts, but a jet ski is made up of much more than that. With new features, like brakes, accurate computer systems, GPS, speakers, and more; these machines can be very intricate. 

Besides new features, most jet skis have more horsepower, comfort, stability, all improvements that increase their price to build.


Upkeep and Usage Costs

Something else to consider besides the entry price for a jet ski, is the recurring maintenance and upkeep costs. These machines do a lot, from taking waves, handling water debris, and surviving salty oceans. Maintenance is definitely a need, and can be costly overtime. 

And jet skis rely on gasoline, oil, and other fluids to keep running. Replacing and refueling costs occur every time you use it, which can definitely add to the cost of usage. 


While these machines can be expensive, they are so much fun and provide a great way to enjoy the open ocean! If you want to enjoy all the benefits of a fun jet ski without all the costs, renting one would be a great option for you. Shark Watersports provides state of the art jet ski rentals at very low hourly rates. We boast the most affordable pricing in all of South Florida for jet ski rentals. Enjoy South Florida’s ocean the way you’re supposed to!

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