Dangers of Jet Skis in South Florida

by | May 25, 2022 | PWC, Safety

Ready to Ride?

While these vehicles are super fun to use and easy to master, there are still dangers you should look out for. Nothing ruins a good time out in the Florida sun like a watercraft accident. Out in the ocean these accidents can become life threatening, and the best way to ensure a safe experience is being proactive. 

Here are some dangers you should be aware of.


Flipping the Jet Ski

When riding on a fast jet ski there is always the possibility of flipping it. There are ways to prevent it however. 


  • Avoid Abrupt Movements

Any harsh turns or quick movements can cause your jet ski to get off balance and fall

  • Know Your Limits

Pushing the jet ski too fast on rocky waves is sure to cause a potential flip. Make sure you assess your environment and know your limits.

  • Watch out for Wake and Waves

Even being idle can cause your PWC to flip, if a wave comes along you can lose balance and flip.


If you do flip over, just relax, catch your bearings and flip the jet ski back over before you remount. You can get more information here.


Impact to Body

When you are driving any vehicle you always run the risk of injuring yourself. While PWCs are built with safety in mind, it’s always best to follow safety instructions and drive safely to avoid injuries.


Jet Ski Damage

Damaging the jet ski or PWC can be a recipe for an issue later. Significant damage can even be enough to cause the vehicle to shut down, leaving you potentially stranded. 

It’s best to avoid shallow water, shallow water can cause rock, sand, and other debris to be sucked into the water pump damaging the engine. 

Floating debris can also be an issue, where you can get injured and hurt along with risking damage to the vehicle. 


Not Stopping or Maneuvering in Time

Driving a car on the road is very different from driving a jet ski on the water. With a car you can turn the wheel in a moment’s notice, potentially avoiding a collision or accident. On the water, there is a slight delay in where you turn the jet ski, and how you actually move. 

Each jet ski moves differently on the water, so it’s best to be aware and play it safe. Take your turns with plenty of advanced notice.


Hitting another Watercraft

The ocean sure is big, but there is always the chance of a close encounter with another PWC. Hitting a boat, jet ski, or person on the water are all possible, and very dangerous. 

Ensure you take mind of your surroundings and drive carefully.


Breaking the Law, Getting a Ticket

Getting a ticket is never fun, and getting on in the open ocean can ruin your adventure. Water Police are there to keep people safe and ensure rules are being followed. If you follow the water signs you should have no issue with local law enforcement. 


Running out of Gas

It’s always wise to review your PWC before you head out. This means ensuring that gas levels are good, to avoid stalling out on the water. In the open ocean there are not many places to stop by for a quick fillup. It’s best to be aware and keep your tank near full all the time. 


Getting Lost

The open water can be a big place, and getting lost is pretty common. Make sure to take a device with you that you can use to call for help or get directions. 

When going out, keep a lookout for any landmarks or signs that you can use to help keep track of your location.


Poor Weather

Weather in Florida can change on a dime, so it’s best to always be aware of the sky. If you see gray clouds or a change in temperature it may be a sign that weather is changing. Having a device is a good idea to ensure that you can check the weather at a moment’s notice. 

If you do get caught in poor weather, make sure to go towards shore or somewhere you can find shelter. Don’t try going back to where you launched from, this can be a recipe for getting stuck in a storm out on the water.


We hope you learned something from this blog, and realize that you have to be careful out on the open water. While there is the chance of danger, jet skis are still a great time on the open ocean. It’s best to go with a professional and use the best equipment possible. 

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