How to Maintain a Jet Ski

by | May 10, 2022 | PWC

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Jet Skis are fun and easy to use, but making sure to properly maintain them is key to a long lasting machine.

With Jet Ski maintenance it is best to take preventative steps, this is to avoid costly damage, or worst case scenario, machine failure when riding. 

Here are some tips to keep your PWC in tip top shape.


Review the Owner’s Manual

This will be your best resource on how to care for your specific jet ski. There may be model specific info that you could be missing out on. 

You’ll see best practices and some manuals even have checklists that can be used when setting up maintenance.


Maintain Engine Fluid Levels

Ensure your gas is filled, leaving gas levels low can cause damage to your systems. Review oil as well, this ensures your machine runs smoothly. Coolant is another fluid to review, to keep your PWC from overheating.


Check Damaged Parts

Any damaged parts of a jet ski should be replaced as soon as possible. When a part is damaged this can lead to other parts being vulnerable to damage, causing a much bigger problem long term.


Clean the Exterior

Maintaining a clean exterior has more benefits than just looking nice. Water may contain salt or other acidic properties that can wear away at your hull and paint. This can more quickly deteriorate your machine and cause issues down the line.  


Clean the Interior

Running your jet ski with clean water is a great way to flush out the water lake or sea water your jet ski took in. When storing your jet ski, this is best practice to avoid dirty or acidic water to stay dormant in the machine slowly deteriorating it. 


Get Maintenance on it Regularly

Nothing beats a scheduled maintenance check to ensure your PWC is running nice and smooth. This is a great thing to do to avoid any issues that could have been prevented. An experience mechanic can find issues or replace parts before they get seriously damaged or stop working all together. 


These are some tips on ensuring your PWC is in tip top shape. We incorporate these checks and more with our equipment. This ensures we provide our customers with the best for their fun time on the open water. 

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