How to Beach a Jet Ski (PWC) Correctly

by | May 10, 2022 | PWC

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Jet Skis (PWCs) are great in the water, but the question is how can you get them on dry land?

If you ever wondered this, we can shed some light to these great machines. Imagine a scenario where you are having fun on the water but then want to take a break and get on some dry land. Like a boat you can park it onto a beach, and we’ll explain how!


Check the water levels before

 First thing to take into consideration is the tide. See whether the tide is going in or out, this can tell you whether you should even beach your PWC. If the tide goes out, then you may end up with a PWC that is stuck far off the beach. 

Make sure to always use a sand anchor, to avoid your jet ski from floating away if the tide does come in. 


Beaching your PWC

Review the area

When you are ready to get your PWC beached follow along. Before you even go onto the beach it’s best to know the beach to avoid any damage or unforeseen issues. Check the water as well to look out for any rocks or coral. 


Slowly approach the beach

Start to approach the beach, as slowly as you can. Make sure to keep account of the depth of the water. When you are around the beach turn off the engine, around 3 ft deep. 


Walk your PWC to the beach

When you are near the beach, get off the jet ski (PWC) and walk the jet ski to the beach. 

After your PWC is near the beach push it onto the sand and you have beached the jet ski. 

Make sure to anchor the jet ski (PWC) to avoid it from drifting away.


Leaving the beach

Make sure to follow the same instructions in reverse to get out of the water. 


First: walk the jet ski off the beach and towards the water, get on it once you are past three feet deep. 

Two: Once you are in deeper water, you can turn on the jet ski and go back to riding.


That’s it, easier said than done. Make sure to enjoy the open water and all the beaches Florida has to offer. 

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