Why is the Ocean Blue?

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Florida

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If you ever wondered why the ocean is blue you’re not the only one, and why it may seem a mystery, we’re happy to let you know the secret of the ocean’s blue hue.


In layman’s terms the ocean is blue because that is what light is reflected off the ocean. More specifically the ocean tends to absorb the red part of the light spectrum. What this does is filter out what color light is reflected back, and blue is what usually remains and what we see.

And depending on what other sediments, algee, or material is within a part of the ocean may change the exact type of blue that is reelected. In some cases you may even get light colors not blue, like red, green, sometimes a yellow.


Fun Fact

You may be surprised to know that while you do see blue on the outside of the ocean from the top, most of the ocean is dark. Because the ocean is so large and very deep, light doesn’t penetrate that deep, no more than 650 feet usually. The ocean can be as deep as 12,000 feet so a majority of the ocean is pitch black.


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