Tips on Having a Great Beach Day

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Florida, Safety

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The beach is a great place to go and unwind and enjoy the day. South Florida is widely known far and wide for excellent beaches. We have some great tips on making the most of your beach day.


Check for flags and signs

Beach signs are placed to let visitors know what kind of conditions you can expect. Make sure to review any signage to be aware of beach conditions. 

Here are some flag colors and what they mean:

  • Green = safe, ocean is calm and safe
  • Yellow = caution, there are some waves and currents
  • Red = hazardous, there are strong waves and ocean currents
  • Purple = there may dangerous marine life


Sun Protection

Make sure to wear sun protection to not cause any damage to your skin. The beach is a great play to soak up some rays and get some Vitamin D. You can overdo it and end up getting sunburnt. This can ruin your day and cause some skin damage. 

With sunblock you can prevent a sunburn and ensure a great beach day. Make sure to place the sunblock before you go on. And if you plan to go into the water, ensure your sunblock is water resistant.  


Staying hydrated

The beach is a lot of fun, and you can quickly forget to take care of your hydration levels. The beach with the mixture of sun and salty ocean water can quickly deplete your water levels. This is dangerous because getting dehydrated can give you migraines, even being a reason for heat stroke. 

Stay hydrated and ensure you get the most out of your beach time. 


Pay attention to lifeguards

A lifeguard has a duty to protect visitors on their beach, and staying under their supervision can be a huge life savor, literally. Ensure to follow their directions, they are experts in knowing weather conditions. 


Swim with a buddy

It is more fun and safe to swim with a buddy, that way if anything happens you have someone who can provide immediate assistance or support. The saying goes, two eyes are better than one, and in the ocean this remains true. More eyes on the lookout could help call out danger more quickly than if alone. 


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