How Do Jet Skis & PWCs Work

by | Feb 6, 2022 | PWC

Ready to Ride?

We all love riding jet skis (PWCs), I mean who doesn’t. And while riding on the open ocean you might have wondered what makes this glorious machine do what it does. 

There are no propellers, just thrust and you’re off. We’ll touch on how these machines work and how you can use this to your advantage when riding.


Jet Propulsion Engine

While a jet ski (PWC) does not have a propeller like some traditional boats do what it has is a little more unique. A jet propulsion engine is what creates the thrust that propels the jet ski forward. 

An impeller that uses rotating fan blades (in the engine) sucks in water that is then forcefully ejected from the rear creating the thrust required to push the jet ski forward. 

The intensity of the thrust can be controlled by the throttle, where pushing it causes the fan to propel more cerating more thrust, and releasing it has the thrust diminish. 

When you put your jet ski (PWC) in idle you are simply stopping the engine from sucking in any more water and ejecting it, so the engine is off. 

When you put the PWC in reverse you are simply changing the direction the thrust is pushed to propel your jet ski backwards. 


Master Control

Understanding the dynamics of what makes a jet ski moves helps you better control your PWC when you are out riding. 

For instance you should better understand that when docking you may want to focus on direction rather than thrust. Because the thrust you create is only pushing you forward, the secret to a controlled approach to a dock is your slow directional approach

And unlike a car where you can easily accelerate and slow down, a jet ski works differently since the way you move is all based on the direction of the thrust


Knowing how a jet ski (PWC) works is great, but the real fun begins when you ride one. 

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