Things to Note for First Time Jet Ski Riders

by | Oct 20, 2021 | PWC

Ready to Ride?

So you want to go fast and enjoy the speed of a jet ski on the open water. Going super fast on the water is not only fun, but easy to do! For a first time rider, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable on a PWC is important.

Here at Shark Watersports we’ve put together a simple beginner’s guide of important things to note and look out for.


How to Ride a Jet Ski


Climb on 

Ensure to shift your weight to keep the jet ski upright and not tip it over. Jet skis are pretty sturdy so this shouldn’t be that hard to do.


Get comfortable

Find that sweet spot where you can easily touch the controls and are able to sit relaxed. If you have passengers, ensure that they are also comfortable.


Plug in / place the key or FOB in the designated space

This is a safety measure where the Jet Ski won’t start without it, and when removed the Jet Ski engine will instantly turn off.


Turn on device

Now with the key plugged in you can start the Jet Ski. There should be a button to press and hold that will start the jet ski. And don’t worry it won’t move until you push the throttle.


Slowly push off & start the throttle

Make sure to watch your surroundings and avoid pushing too hard and going too fast. Start slowly until you feel comfortable with the device.



Once you’ve gotten comfortable you can accelerate and zoom on the open water. Make sure to follow safety measures on the water and be alert at all times.


More Tips

Even experienced drivers can benefit from the following tips to ensure a great experience.


Be Safe

Ensure you stay alert and careful throughout the entire ride. Make sure to occasionally check your belongings and area to ensure you know where you are and everything is safe.


Stay Straight

When riders start to veer off course it may seem right to try to correct your positioning. However this can be the very reason why you lose control of your craft by overcorrecting. 

Instead when you start to veer off course, straighten your handles and aim to keep moving straight. You’ll find that your craft will start moving in that direction (straight) and you can better alter directions from there.


Use the Throttle to Move

When you want to move it’s important to remember to use the throttle. Simply turning the handles won’t cause you to move directions, it’s the throttle that gives you the push in the water to move in that direction.


Reboarding from the Water

If you get off the jet ski and are trying to get in, make sure you do some from the tail end. There is a handle on the back that you can reach to and use as a support to pull yourself up. Make sure to keep your balance as you board. If you try to board from the sides, you could flip the jet ski over. Make sure to take your time boarding since it can be a strenuous task to do so. 


Stay Loose

Riders tend to tense up while they ride and this can cause soreness and discomfort after a while. Make sure to take breaks to readjust yourself and relax. It can help to lean forward when you ride so you use your weight to counteract the wind vs gripping down on the handle to stay on.


What to Wear

A comfortable bathing suit is all you need to wear. Be aware you are going fast so ensure it’s quality clothing that’s secure so it won’t break or fly away. Out in the sun you can burn up especially with the salt water. Make sure you bring sunblock to avoid any burns.


What to Bring

It’s important to bring the right inventory to maximize your enjoyment out on the open water.

Here at shark watersports we provide a majority of needed equipment. Anything we provide for our reservations will be marked with a shark emoji. 

  • Whistle 🦈
    • To signal or alert someone or something from a distance
  • Life Jacket 🦈
    • For safety & to keep yourselves afloat in the water. Our life jackets are Coast-Guard approved! 
  • Watch or Time Keeping Device 🦈
    • Make sure that you don’t lose track of time having fun and are able to get back while there is still light out.
  • Waterproof Phone Protector 🦈
    • Of course you want to photograph or Tic Tok your excursion on the Jet Ski. Ensure your phone is well protected from the occasional splash.
  • Waterproof Bag 🦈
    • To store all your belongings and ensure they stay nice and dry.
  • Fire Extinguisher 🦈
    • Located in your jet ski compartment, we provide instruction on how to find and operate extinguishers.
  • Boating License (Boating Safety Course Card)
    • This can be the permanent or temporary version, this is required by the state to operate and PWCs (Personal Watercraft)
  • GPS Device or map
    • Getting lost on the waters can be easy so ensure you remain aware of your surroundings.
  • Water
    • With all the sea salt, hot sun, and fast wind speeds; you can dehydrate yourself, so ensure you drink plenty of water.


You should be all set to have fun with our Jet Skis now. If you have any questions at all contact us! We’re happy to help, we’re looking forward to seeing you on the open water!

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